"Experience Nature, Cultures, Art, and Travel Through Made For the Media Adventures."


Sample Gaming InterfaceMade For The Media™ Platform and experiences are designed to meet the needs of parks, museums, and similar organizations for accessible emerging media.

Made For The Media™  experiences are created for multiplatform channels, with features customized around the technology being used.

Projects range from immersive domes, mobile applications with GPS driven augmented reality, interactive museum exhibits, Internet and virtual presentations as part of the NPS initiative. Other content includes films, DVDs and games.

Made For the Media™ Experiences

Imagine having adventures exploring special places around the world. Cultures, mountains, nature, geology, geography, and the lives that populate our planet. You are utilizing cutting edge technology in a seamless fashion on-line. Incredible Places™ Made For the Media is just that and more.

Take a journey with brilliant streaming video through far off lands, deserts, and mountains. Stop along the way with clickable sprites that activate within panoramic environments. Take a 360-degree inspection of where you are and learn even greater depth of subject via stories, video and bold photography.

Interactive features to explore are accessible and woven into the experience.

You may also choose to flow through the aesthetics of the place by following the actual adventure we experienced while making the program.

Click to see a sample of our True Story Adventures. These multiplatform experiences are set in the form of an exploration where you follow the trek, meet experts, view select video footage, chart maps, access history, itineraries, adventure logs, gear lists and collect information about the location..

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